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tv   Eyewitness News 11  ABC  February 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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right now, this woman is sitting in jail accused of hitting and killing a young father as she ran from deputies. >> she shouldn't have been on the road. new tonight, we uncovered a long list of driving offenses that started when she first got a learner's permit. >> family and friends of a pizza delivery man remember him as a loving dad who was trying to create a life for his daughter. >> we told you earlier the woman accused of hitting and killing him as she fled deputies was out on bond awaiting trial for different
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channel 9's karla ray dug deeper into her driving history. you found out her record is so bad she is labeled a habitual traffic violator. >> reporter: she earned the distinction last summer according to the documents. she has racked up just about every driving related offense you can think of, from reckless driving to dui and things as simple as not having insurance, or not having a license. none of it was enough to keep her off the road or behind bars until now. 11 years before being accused of crashing into and killing this 23-year-old father, syndia saint cyr got her first traffic ticket for violation of a learner's permit. since then, she has had dozens of citations, fines, even jail time. but none of the allegations kept her from behind the wheel. >> why was she driving? >> don't worry. can you move out of the driveway? >> reporter: at her home, friends of the accused killer took off when we tried to ask questions. investigators say saint cyr ran a red light to avoid being pulled over for speeding and slammed into domino's driver, cody garrick, leaving his 2-
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father. >> do you love your dataquest? yeah. >> reporter: it is not the first time saint cyr has been accused of running from deputies on red lights. in november she led a chase down colonial drive, eventually getting boxed in at this intersection and taking off again after investigators got out of their cars to approach her. >> it's senseless. >> reporter: at that time, saint cyr had her license suspended indefinitely. after being labeled a habitual offender following a dui conviction and failure to pay fines. we checked and confirmed even that is not enough to revoke bond, which is why she was free until her april trial. >> she took my son's life. she had run from the cops before. she should have never been out of jail or on the road. >> reporter: and, she will stay in jail, this time she will stay here at the orange county jail until her trial for the november offense. as i just mentioned, it is
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reporting in orange county, karla ray, channel 9 eyewitness news. deputies say that juan carlos was doing to support his $1000 a day heroin habit. he dropped his cell phone which was used today to tracked him down and make the arrest pretty firefighters in volusia county are looking into hotspots after a fast-moving brush fire threatened several homes. if you're watching at 4:00, sky 9 flew over oak hill as the fire grew from 5 to 10 acres. no word on the cause of the fire. tonight, police still don't have any suspects in the death of a man shot outside of publix earlier this month. today the family of andrew devonne jones urged the community to help find his killer. investigators believe the suspect may have used the victim's car to get away. it was later discovered in nearby oakland, abandoned and torched. family members are desperately searching for closure.
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the only way we will find out, we find out who did it. >> police don'thave a motive for the murder. there is a $5000 reward for any information leading to an arrest. spacex will make up for the time to hunt the communications satellite from air force station tomorrow night. yesterday's launch attempt was scrubbed after a low thrust alarm. it was later attributed to rising oxygen temperatures after that falcon 9 rocket was delayed lifting off by a boat that drifted into the safety zone. tonight the woman accused of kidnapping a baby in south florida friday night is held without bond in broward county. we told you saturday the two- month-old was found safe in orange county and reunited with her mother yesterday. fhp caught the suspected kidnapper, stefanie augustine, heading south at the osceola county line. then searched for unit at the
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orange county where they found the baby alone. she faces charges of kidnapping and aggravated assaults. the orange county sheriff's office is doing its part to fight the growing heroin epidemic. please will be equipped with an antidote to help people using heroin. commissioners say the move is important because the number of overdoses is up and they anticipate it will get worse. >> we cannot arrest our way out of this, we cannot narcan our way out of this problem, we are resuscitating people that are going right back into it. it's addiction that we need to fight. >> deputies say they are responding to three overdoses a day, it will cost the county $26,000 to pay for the new drug. work is getting back on track on the i-4 ultimate project following the death of a contract worker. troopers say the driver of a dump truck ran over marvin franklin on the shoulder near maitland boulevard last wednesday.
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entire 21 mile project came to a stop so workers could review safety protocols. they happen gradually moving forward after resuming work friday. tonight, a 34-year-old woman accused of ripping off taxpayers in the form of food stamp fraud since she did not do anything wrong and it was the government that actually made the mistake. >> we found out the statute of limitations may help her daughter charges. eyewitness news at 10:00's tim barber is live at the seminole county courthouse. you discovered prosecutors have had the case for more than a year. >> reporter: i asked prosecutors why it took so long to make the arrest. they told me the case was completed and took lots of digging at the state attorney's office. investigator say shameka billings store more than $15,000 from taxpayers by falsifying public assistance forms from 2011 two 2014. >> i will not jeopardize being away from my children for something like that. >> reporter: the division of financial services says billings reported she was living with four kids went two
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with her ex-boyfriend. billings says she told dcf that. >> are you saying this is dcf's mistake? >> yes, yes, i am. >> reporter: billings is accused of saying she was part of a college work-study program which she was not. >> people might be able to understand one mistake but what about the college work program? >> that's not true, i was hired as a student. >> reporter: billings told her that a caseworker told her she because she was a student worker. have looked at more fraud charges but the statue of >> the more serious the crime the longer of statue of limitations. this third-degree felonies, three-year statue of limitations. >> reporter: billings will fight the felony because sheis innocent. >> i have been on assistance for 16 years. 16 years. i report everything. i report every job. i report every raise i have ever gotten. i have too much to lose to do something like that. >> reporter: the arraignment for billings is tomorrow at the
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we will let you know what happens. reporting live in seminole county, tim barber, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> you can hear more of our interview with the suspect online, go to, and click on the video tab. in brevard county investigators are determining if there are other potential victims of a youth basketball coach and former malabar councilman accused of molesting a child. 51-year-olddavid wayne white was caught in texas on his way to mexico to avoid arrest. they began investigating him this month after a sleepover at white's home. now they are trying to determine if white should face additional charges. >> we do want anybody that has children or anybody under his care that potentially could be a victim to come forward. >> he is being held on a $750,000 bond in texas as he awaits extradition to brevard. tonight an escaped prisoner on the run with his ex- girlfriend for three weeks is back in volusia county and
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u.s. marshals began a search for gary bullock junior last month when officials say he escaped from his work release program in volusia county. his girlfriend, natasha quigley, helped him escape and ran away with him andher 3- year-old son. she was given a $10,000 bond, the boy is safe with relatives. tomorrow we hear a plan from an orange county police commissioner about turning a jail into a homeless shelter. commissioner pete clark says only 16 minutes stay at the facility and the facility can hold 300 people. place can hold 300. clark wants the inmates out and homeless and during emergencies. no word on what happened to the current inmates. tonight the former longwood police chief will spend the next four years in prison. thomas jackson took more than $32,000 in bribes to help a convicted felon get a job as a police officer. jackson gave them a credential
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longwood police department. >> the judge says that you did not show any kind of remorse or anything like that. >> no comment, thank you. >> jackson was allowed to walk out of court today but will report to prison when notified by the bureau of prisons. we are waiting for a response from the orange county school district after a second parent has come forward saying bullying at school major child consider suicide. >> they are beating him up against the wall. he threw up. i'm afraid he might take his >> that. says bullying at robins with middle school has gone on for district to do anything. on friday a different mother told us her daughter tried to overdose at me when the middle school because she was being
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we found out today police are now investigating that case. tonight and orange county man accused of murder is in jail without bond after eight months on the run. 19-year-old malcolm spitzer was caught in memphis, tennessee and extradited to central florida. he is accused of killing charles finch at orange county's troubled timber scan apartments last summer. we are waiting to see if ocoee city commissioners go along with the fire chiefs plan to delay the return of a fire truck to reserve to the growing northwest side of the city. the chief says it could come in handy for the profound fire station which operates without any firefighting agreement today. some neighbors say they hope the city comes up with a full plan to add firefighters to the area as soon as possible. >> i love this area, but safety is extremely important. so, that is like a high priority. >> the ocoee city manager said he reevaluates the potential need for a fire station once a year and is trying to hold off to avoid burdening taxpayers with something that they actually don't need. this woman says a local tax preparer charged her nearly $1000 then closed up shop. >> we kept coming back, calling back, coming back. calling, calling, calling.
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into the company's history.
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and orange county woman told 9 investigates a local tax preparer charged are hundreds of dollars to do taxes but ended up taking nearly $1000 from her returns. >> jeff levkulich tried to get answers from that company. you found the owner of that tax business may have already closed up shop. >> reporter: this story is a good reminder for anyone out there that may need help with their taxes this time of year to make sure you do your homework and find a tax preparer with a good reputation. ardella robinson decided to go
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boulevard for her tax return this year after she saw one of their flyers. >> i thought everything was legit. come to find out it was not. >> reporter: robinson agreed to pay $400 and was supposed to get back 3500. she was told because the printer was out of ink she would have to come back to get her paperwork. >> you showed up here and it has been closed. >> everyday it has been closed. >> reporter: that's not all. she did some checking with the irs and discovered she was owed $1000 more than she was promised. eventually the owner showed up to her house with a cashiers check. >> i did not say anything to the man because i knew i got ripped off. >> reporter: robinson filed a report with the orange county sheriff but investigators could not determine if a crime occurred citing lack of information. they recommended that she seek out an attorney and file a civil suit to get her money back. 9 investigates found found out that simply taxes was licensed with the state in 2015 and a check with the better business bureau turned up nothing. there was nobody at the office
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empty. h and r block hears about these that pop up every time of year. >> when a person leaves. they should know exactly how much the refund is, how much the cost is, and how much the net is going to be. >> reporter: h and r block charges between $180 and $300 for a single tax return. and, they advise that you want to go with the company open year-round because sometimes there are complications with returns and they need to be taken care of a lot of times when it's not even tax season anymore. martha? >> for more on how to prepare your tax return, log on to covering volusia county a decision about to be made
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daytona beach about the homeless problem. we have told you about the homeless problem here and it misregistration building, that camp has been dismantled. the company has 60 days to sign a contract with the county on a homeless shelter. centimeters held off on voting from a counter proposal in order to hear from homeless dust homeless experts at this week's county meeting which is this thursday. eyewitness news under former state attorney plans to run against jeff aspen. she resigned earlier this month so she could run, she first joined the office of state attorney in 2012 after serving eight years as a public defender. ashton was elected in 2014 after serving as the lead prosecutor in the casey anthony case. a thief is on the run tonight after swapping and cashbox from unsuspecting girl scouts. selling girl scout cookies. volusia county deputies are looking for this guy, they say he took money from a 12-year- old girl selling cookies in front of the walmart on howland boulevard intel tony yesterday. he got away in this, a grade
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, the suv may have north carolina plates and again, it's got the guy in there that took money from a 12- year-old. >> just 12. starting friday, disney world is moving two-tiered pricing systems. visitors will be charged based on the time of year. races will be the highest during spring break and summer trips and the lowest during the last week of august through september which is hurricane season. disney wants to ease crowding during the peak seasons and entice traffic during off-peak seasons and some guests like the idea. >> it's the best way that you can do it. they did that trespass and that works for a little bit but some of the rides, even the fast pass, gets backed up. >> cheapest tickets will be $105. the most expensive will be $124. we know you want to take a closer look at what your next trip to disney will cost you, we have posted a detailed breakdown of the new ticket structure on, just click on the web links button on the right-hand side of your screen. those that are visiting, you're welcome. perfect weather. as for the rest of us, enjoy
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the corner. >> thinking of disney in the summer? it is just so hot down there. what, folks are flocking here in record numbers year-by-year and the weather like this is certainly very inviting. down to 62 in orlando with not much reprise, by northwest wind in deltona, light and variable, the weather term is for that. right now winds are flat. 48 in ocala, 55 the villages. temperatures cooled and more tonight, we end up with patchy fog in the morning. otherwise we are very nice, a couple of cold fronts on the way, the first one will be here wednesday but not a lot of weather along with it. thankfully we get a front out here with that el nino stamp on it but it does not have severe weather. these dots on the map are wind and tornado reports. we have had a cluster of tornadoes, including two ef-3 reports, and the tornado that hit in 2007 in lake county was also reported as ef-3. we know
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have had them up here and down south. look at central florida come here is our coverage area right here, nada, we have had two wind reports but nothing so far, february the most-active tornado month during the dry season which we are now. we are turning the page into march, but el nino will continue all the way through march and april. we are going to be watching the skies carefully for at least the next 60 days for potential severe weather. patchy fog overnight tonight with lows in the mid 40s but overall pretty good-looking start to your march 1. and a reminder, we are going to be tomorrow, about three weeks away from the start of spring, the spring equinox, daytime high on average, 75 degrees. we start daylight savings time in just two weeks from now. but we are getting a sneak preview on what spring is going to be about. daytime high 77 noon come close to the average for spring, as
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pmn 4:00, even as in volusia county temperatures in deltona hitting 81 degrees. breakaway trails in ormond beach, heading toward cyprus, then golf course in portland, very nice for you as well tomorrow. though it is across the board tomorrow, mostly sunny skies, upper 70s along the east coast. let's talk the next cold front, mostly clear skies over nine, a few low clouds over night in the morning, a couple of sprinkles notwithstanding, mostly dry tomorrow. here comes the next cold front and just coming in with a whimper, isolated showers only as the front will not have a whole lot behind it. does not have any real close air support from the jet stream so we dropped temperatures just a little bit. but overall, looking very nice and warm. there is your five-day forecasts, weekend always in view. high of 83 on wednesday, ahead of our cold front, and despite two friends, another friday, we are shaping up for a nice weekend.
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city, season opener at the citrus bowl. you can watch it live on the new home for orlando city soccer club on tv 27. teams could soon have to pay to play on these osceola county athletic fields. coming up how much it could cost them to keep up maintenance. and i'm getting you ready for tuesday morning. tomorrow on eyewitness news this morning we update the timing of the next front moving in and the change in temperatures heading out the door. that plus the latest news on eyewitness news this morning
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tonight a florida senator told us he's working to get more funding so that new spanish-speaking students can learn english. student leaders have noticed an influx from puerto rico and venezuela however the majority do not speak english and require the help of bilingual teachers to understand subjects. the problem is funding has not increased to pay for that. >> they expect us to do essays, and they are expected to speak up in front of our classrooms. and there are so many challenges we have to face, this is our future. >> in a statement, senator darren soto set on top of asking for my funding on the state level, he wants to see bigger push for english lessons in the u.s. congress. statewide assessment tests are underway in florida. eight through 10th graders who need to retake the english- language arts program are doing it online. this is the first time students
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problems came up last year. education leaders say practice runs help them work out issues they saw it last year's test. florida public schools will be getting an extra $450 million in funding but it won't come out of your pockets. over the weekend the house and senate agreed to use state tax dollars to pay for the increase. now florida will spend more than $7000 per student per year. and property tax rates charged by districts are expected to go down. covering brevard county, tomorrow the iconic countdown clock at the kennedy space center will officially have a home. these are pictures from 2014 of crews taking the clock apart. the historical park and nearby flagpole are well known to the space center's purpose site which has been a part of kennedy space center since the moon landings more than 45 years ago. it will now stand at the entrance of the visitors complex. sports teams in osceola county could have to pay up to use athletic fields. a proposal calls for nonprofit leaks to pay between seven dollars and $14 per hour, that's less than the original plan of up to $65. some leagues are concerned
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to pay more. >> we take in everybody. if there are girls that can't pay, we work out a solution. >> the county says that these are needed to help maintain the fields. the increases would be phased in over three years and non- county residents would pay more. still is in the air in downtown orlando, the soccer stadium is going vertical. for the first time, fans can see a rough impression of orlando city's $155 million soccer palace. club officials held a ceremony today launching the next phase of construction. finally stretching away from terra firma, the team says when it's complete the stadium will
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steel, orlando city's man of steel, phil collins, also announced the purple steel floor. fans will have a chance to sign this theme which will eventually be installed in the stadium, and yes, it is still on pace to be finished in time for next season. >> this is the soccer capital of the suddenly with that four years of the community continues to prove that. the fact that we can have 62,000 people in the bowl on sunday, it's mind blown. >> getting close to that number. orlando city opens their second mls campaign at the citrus bowl this week. once again trying to fill the bowl. the team has sold more than 50,000 tickets already, meeting 12,000 more to break the team record set in last year's home opener. if you are like martha and can't get enough of martha -- orlando city watch the special season preview friday, august 6: 30 on tv 27. that's also your new home for orlando city games. we have the opener sunday afternoon, comfort starting at 1:30. in the nfl, player from a florida school could be the first defensive back taken in the draft.
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that player will be florida's vernon hargreaves, or jayden ramsey. hargreaves ran the 40 in 4.5 seconds, he was also the lead in for -- vertical and broad jumps but ramsey was better, he was 4.41 seconds in the 40 and first in a vertical and broad jumps. florida's keanu nail also had a good day, the former sumpter star had a .62 40. monday night hockey, solar bears forced overtime with a dramatic goal in the third but still lost to 4-3 to kalamazoo. tj foster had a goal put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio.
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4-day disney select ticket. the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. patchy fog but hard to find a lot in tomorrow's forecast. sunshine, back into the lower 70s and 80s tomorrow, 82 orlando, near 83 wednesday before we get a week front. martha? >> watch eyewitness news this morning tomorrow starting at 5:00, and get weather and traffic information every 10 minutes. >> thank you for watching channel 9 eyewitness news. we will see you tomorrow. thank you again for watching.
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight andy samberg. from "zootopia," ginnifer goodwin. and music from the strumbellas. with cleto and the cletones.


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